Shipping, Moving, & Storage Block

Installation Instructions

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The blocks should be used for shipping, moving or storing the unit to prevent damage that can occur by mishandling or dropping the sensor.

Materials Needed - Reference Drawing 1200A0105

3 pieces of wood, plastic, hard rubber, or some other similar material.

3 screws for mounting - Note make sure the screws DO NOT go all the way through the block and that the heads when screwed into the block are below the flange surface.

Block Installation Instructions - Reference Drawing 1200A0105

1.1 Cut blocks to fit into 1.50"-(38mm) space between CC1200 End Plate and CC1200 Mounting Flange. The material can be approximately 0.02"-(0.51mm) undersize. Do Not Force, Hammer, or drive into position.

1.2 Insert the three blocks evenly into position around the tach aligning with three of the six 7/16"-(11mm) mounting holes. The blocks do not have to be center on the holes.

1.3 With a pencil mark the blocks for drilling. Then drill holes for mounting.

1.4 Locate the blocks and screw them into place. The blocks do not need to be completely tight. As stated above a small gap of approximately 0.02"-(0.51mm) is permissible.


Carlen Controls, Inc. warrants its products to be free from defects caused by faulty materials or poor workmanship for a minimum period of one year from the date of shipment from Carlen Controls.

This warranty does not cover defects or damages caused by service or repair performed by anyone other than Carlen Controls. Do not attempt to open covers or housings where fasteners have been sealed.

Carlen Controls’ liability is limited to replacing, repairing or issuing credit at its option, for any products which are returned by the original purchaser during the warranty period. Carlen Controls makes no warranty that its products are fit for the use or purpose to which they may be put by the buyer, whether or not such use or purpose has been disclosed to Carlen Controls in specifications or drawings previously or subsequently provided, or whether or not Carlen Controls’ products are specifically designed and/or manufactured for the buyer’s use or purpose. Carlen Controls’ liability on any claim for loss or damage arising out of the sale, resale or use of any of its products shall in no event exceed the selling price of the unit.

Carlen Controls warranty covers only products manufactured by Carlen Controls. Products used in conjunction with Carlen Controls products but supplied by another manufacturer; such as Inland Motors’ tachometer and Hubbell overspeed switches, are covered by original manufacturer’s warranty.

Return Products Procedure

No products may be returned, whether in warranty or out of warranty, without first obtaining approval from Carlen Controls. Any returned product (s) must be accompanied by a return authorization number. Products must be returned, prepaid, to Carlen Controls (no COD or Collect Freight accepted). The status of any product returned later than (3) days after the issuance of a return authorization number will be subject to review.

Returned Product Warranty Determination

After Carlen Controls’ examination, warranty or out-of-warranty status will be determined. If upon examination a warranted defect exists, then the product (s) will be repaired at no charge and shipped, prepaid, back to the buyer.

Return Product Non-Warranty Determination

After Carlen Controls’ examination, the buyer shall be notified of the repair cost. At such time the buyer must issue a valid purchase order to cover the cost of the repair and freight, or authorize the product (s) to be shipped back as is, at the buyer’s expense. Failure to obtain a purchase order number or approval within (30) days of the notification will result in the product(s) being returned as is, at the buyer’s expense.

Rush Service

At times, the buyer may desire to expedite a repair. Regardless of warranty or out-of-warranty status, the buyer must issue a valid purchase order to cover the added rush cost service. Rush service is subject to Carlen Controls’ approval.

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